Cheaters always win. That's why you should BeeCheating.


BeeCheating is a browser extension/add-on for Chrome and Firefox (Safari coming soon) that adds a popup of word hints, word counts, and a complete answer list for today's NYT Spelling Bee.

Although the NYT's Spelling Bee hides the complete list of answers for today's puzzle (only "Yesterday's Answers" may be viewed), the complete list of answers IS already sent to your browser, embedded in the NYT Spelling Bee webpage. BeeCheating simply reads that list and makes it available with one click on your browser's toolbar.

Just one click while solving today's NYT Spelling Bee for instant Queen Beedom!


BeeCheating is distributed via supported browsers' official web stores. To get started, select your browser:

Chrome Firefox


You must be logged in to the NYT website under an account with a crosswords subscription, or BeeCheating will not work.

Click the toolbar button
Select a cheat from the popup
See missing word count
Get a random word hint
View the complete answer list
Learn more about BeeCheating


Why do I need a NYT Crossword subscription?
Because a NYT Crossword subscription is required to play the NYT Spelling Bee, and BeeCheating works only on the Spelling Bee game page. BeeCheating has no useful purpose without that subscription.
Is BeeCheating some sort of exploit of a flaw in the NYT systems?
Not at all! BeeCheating simply exposes data already sent to your browser by the NYT. BeeCheating does not contact the NYT servers, nor does it modify any NYT pages as sent to your browser.
Is Bee Cheating available for Edge (or other browsers)?
BeeCheating is available for Chrome and Firefox (Safari coming soon). If you're a developer and wish to create a new version for another browser, contact me for source code.
Is it immoral to cheat on the NYT Spelling Bee? Am I really a Queen Bee if I use BeeCheating?
Don't know, but you're the one who has to live with yourself.


Support requests - including bug reports, usage/installation question, and feature requests - should be sent to the contact information found at the bottom of the home page.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Support BeeCheating - and assuage your cheater's guilt - with a $5 donation to the developer.